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i - Documentary of the Journalist

14/5(五Fri) 7:30pm

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導演 Director
森達也 Tatsuya Mori
日本 Japan|2019|113分鐘min|彩色Colour
日語對白,中英文字幕 In Japanese with Chinese & English subtitles


Isoko Mochizuki is a journalist best known for her relentless inquiries that often challenge the Japanese government’s lack of transparency. Her non-fiction book, The Journalist, is the source material for a political drama of the same name, which won several awards—including Picture of the Year—at the Japan Academy Film Prize. Meanwhile, documentary filmmaker Tatsuya Mori follows the real Mochizuki, witnessing her many battles with government officials. The seasoned journalist’s investigative style is quite common in western media. Yet under the conservative Japanese political establishment, her vigorous questioning is seen as “problematic” by those in power. Mori even tries his hand in reporting, as he fruitlessly requests permission to film cabinet meetings. But the wall of bureaucracy is proven too tough to crack, exposing the government’s disregard for the public’s right to know.

導演介紹 Director Biography
森達也 Tatsuya Mori


Born in 1956, Kure-shi, Hiroshima. Works in news documentary field since 80's. Directed 'A' in 1998, a documentary about Aum Shinrikyo has been invited to Berlinale and achieved high attention. The sequel 'A2' in 2001 has won the Special Prize and Citizens’ Award at Yamagata International Film Festival. And 'FAKE' in 2016 followed the ghost-writer on the news at that time. Professor at Meiji University.