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We're as one

March on, In Defiance of Tyranny

25/1 (一Mon) 7:00pm

購票 Ticketing
導演 Director
盧敬華 Lo King Wah
香港 Hong Kong|2020|86分鐘min|彩色Colour
廣東話對白,中文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles


Hong Kong democrats split into two groups after the 2014 Umbrella Movement, they are very different from beliefs to forms of protesting. This particular political situation or prior to the trend of civic consciousness arouses members of ‘Community March’ to do community works fearlessly. Perhaps they are labelled as leftards for they don’t have the courage and impetuosity of the front-line protesters, but they hate the regime all the same. With a mic and a pull-up banner, they took up an important role to take care of the minority. In this documentary, senior journalists Lo King Wah and Kwong King Chu show the audience how strong this low-key community is; their faith in council and the importance of community work, despite the political repression; how they voiced out on the streets, in the council, and between communities in 2019 thanks to their belief, bringing democracy closer to living.

導演介紹 Director Biography
盧敬華 Lo King Wah


As a retired senior journalist, Lo focuses on filming independent documentary. In particular, Lo is attentive to the plight of Chinese Human Right Lawyer and the Hong Kong social movement. His production includes 《709人們》(2017),《709彼岸》(2018), Until we meet (2019),《709伙伴》(2020), March on, In Defiance of Tyranny (2020). His photography collection includes Ode to Book People (2020) and One Country, Through Torture (2020).