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Ode to Book People

29/1 (五Fri) 7:00pm

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導演 Director
江瓊珠 Kong King Chu
香港 Hong Kong|2020|84分鐘min|彩色Colour
廣東話、國語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese、Madarin with Chinese and English subtitles


Booklovers, booksellers, storytellers and writers can easily squeeze into various demos of important issues. This documentary brings this group of people in the limelight, discussing the value of art space in bookshops. The book-loving director Kong King Chu visited independent bookshops in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia for three to four years, tried to understand how a bookshop can become a dynamic, inspiring and heartwarming space, even these booksellers carry different attitude towards life, books and community, as well as management beliefs. These booksellers do not care about the commercial value emphasized by the capitalist society and they are content in their own way by sharing their enthusiasm about books with the others in spite of all difficulties. Thus, they keep trying new methods to sharpen their touch on social issues and become an important starting point for the general public to reflect upon conflicts in our society.

導演介紹 Director Biography
江瓊珠 Kong King Chu


Kong is a knowledgeable journalist, writer, and documentary director based in Hong Kong, with experience in publishing planning. A number of books was written by her, including《路上見》and《從三斤半菜開始》. Since 2004, Kong has been a proactive producer of community documentary, notably for Blossom of Struggle - Women of Choi Yuen Village (2012) concerning the preservation of the Choi Yuen Village; and Franco Mella (2018), retelling the story of Rev. Franco Mella, who has enthusiastically participated in the local social movement.