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21/1 1:15pm
香港兆基創意書院放映室 Screening Room, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
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無調人間 No Song to Sing

入選2017 南方影展
South Taiwan Film Festival 2017 selection



Hong Kong|2016|28 min|Colour|HD
No Dialogue
Directors: Chan Hau Chun, Chui Chi Yin

Working as the lowest denominator of the society, wandering about in the streets, sleeping in the filthiest corner of the city – living people who look like they are dead make their living in the darkest places and fondle in wastelands with their half-awaken dreams.

陳巧真Chan Hau Chun

畢業於城市大學創意媒體學院, 其紀錄片作品包括《32+4》及《輝叔》。
Graduated from City University of Hong Kong. Her documentary works include 32+4 and Uncle Fai.

徐智彥 Chui Chi Yin

Used to work in advertising but is currently a freelance worker. His works include Jacky, Insects and Too Many Cheung Chau Guests.

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團圓 Family Day

2017 辛丹斯電影節:香港 短片比賽得獎作品
Sundance HK Short Film Competition Award 2017



Hong Kong|2017|15 min|Colour|HD
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
Director: Shing Lee

The day after grandma gone, I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A.

李偉盛 Shing Lee

香港獨立電影人,主要從事拍攝和剪接。畢業於香港知專設計學院(視覺傳意系),其後於采風電影公司和北京草場地工作站,學習紀錄片。現為中國獨立紀錄片研究會製作助理。個人作 品曾兩度入圍南方影展和ifva公開組。
Graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute (Higher Diploma in Visual Communication). Studied documentary in Visible Record Limited in Hong Kong and CCD Work Station in Beijing. Local independent filmmaker. Freelance of shooting and editing. Production assistant of Chinese Independent Documentary Lab. Individual previous works The Day After a Man Gone, C:/My Favourite/Home Video, BBC and 310 Tung Chau Street have been selected by ifva and South Taiwan Film Festival.

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黑哥 Where are We Going?


黑哥是個客貨車司機,與年幼女兒相依為命。因為家境關係,父女倆只居住在工廈非法劏房。 雖然生活環境一般,但在這個動盪的獅子山下,父女倆總算是找到一個與世無爭的小天地。一天,黑哥如常帶女兒上學,之後開車工作。期間他收到鄰居緊急來電──基於違反土地使用條 例,當局要整頓他們的居所,並突擊封鎖現場,勒令他們即時遷出;態度強硬,似無轉圜的餘 地。

Hong Kong|2017|44 min|Colour|HD
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
Director: Lam Sum

Hak and his daughter lives in an illegal cubic flats in an industrial building. Living condition is far from ideal but properties are almost unaffordable in this modern city, so the father and daughter are still quite satisfied to live in this 'boxed in' environment.
It’s a usual day for this duo until Hak received a shocking call from his neighbour - Because of violations of land use regulations, authorities are cracking down their illegal residence. They are evicted, effect immediately!
Things happened so fast and Hak has no plan for new accommodation. In this episode we’ll follow Hak navigating this cosmopolitan cauldron and in search for a fair resettlement.

林森 Lam Sum

生於香港,熱愛電影、音樂及關心社會。畢業於香港演藝學院電影電視學院導演系,現職自由錄像工作者。錄像作品包括紀錄片《人在皇后》、《夜以作日》、畢業作品《暉仔》、《空中樓閣》、香港電台外判劇:獅子山下2015系列《豹》及電影 《拆彈專家》製作特輯。工作範疇包括廣告拍攝,紀錄片製作,以及於中小學、社區中心、團體的拍攝工作坊擔任導師。
Born in Hong Kong. Lam is an independent short film and documentary filmmaker graduated from APA FTV, specialising in directing. Lam is also a social movement activist, his work is mostly focus on social issue. Video works include the documentary Beyond the Queen, Night for Day, and graduation project Drifting, Loft in the Air, an RTHK TV Drama Puma and the making of the feature film Shockwave directed by Herman Yau. Lam Sum is also worked as a video freelancer and taught part-time video production class in the primary and secondary schools.

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媽媽的口供 I Have Nothing to Say

入選2017 高雄電影節高雄拍、2018 鹿特丹國際影展等
Kaohsiung Shorts at Kaohsiung Film Festival 2017 & International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 selection



Taiwan, Hong Kong|2017|25 min|B&W|HD
In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles
Director: Ying Liang

This is how a Chinese mother is made…

應亮 Ying Liang

Chinese independent filmmaker, who made his directorial debut in 1999, and since then, has made four feature films and more than a dozen shorts, including Taking Father Home, The Other Half, Good Cats, When Night Falls and Condolences. He was one of the part-time lecturers of Film/TV School of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, programming for Chinese Documentary Film Festival (Hong Kong), one of the founders of Chinese Independent Documentary Lab (Hong Kong).