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Two Families


Magic Kingdom

2/5(日Sun) 2:30pm

購票 Ticketing
導演 Director
胡俊銘 Frank Wu
香港 Hong Kong | 2020| 70分鐘 min | 彩色 Colour
In Cantonese、Madarin with Chinese and English subtitles


Hong Kong is also called as the migrant city since lots of movings and turmoils happened after the change of sovereignty. Two Families focuses on a family of three generations, in which everyone has overseas experiences. Finally, they are gathering in Hong Kong, but a series of anti-extradition bill protests and COVID make them scattered again. The TV is on, as usual, the Chinese government announces the latest Hong Kong Policies, while all of them act as usual: watering, sweeping and dining. Their plain conversation, however, tells Hong Kong is suffering from traumas. Looking back to 1997, people were equally strained, but this time is no longer a false alarm. Migration is a rapid and easy decision thanks to the current technology and border policies. They are family, yet, barely know about each other, and their paths will no longer cross. For all that, this is perhaps an image of our day-to-day life.

導演介紹 Director Biography
胡俊銘 Frank Wu

1995 年生於紐約。目前為自由身創作人。2020 年畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,主修文學士(創意媒體)。曾於澳洲悉尼大學修讀文學士,其後漸對電影創作產生興趣。 留學期間深感電影乃一種文化,而文化亦離不開一個根,於是決意回港學習影像藝術。其作品包括《不同年的他》,《今天應該很高興》,《兩家人》等,以不同角度敘述港人的去留問題,紀錄當下的生活風貌,並平實地描繪人與人之間的真摯情感。

Frank was born in New York in 1995, and now he works as a freelance creator. He is a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Media) graduate from The School of Creative Media, The City University of Hong Kong. Apart from that, Frank also studied his another Bachelor of Arts programme in The University of Sydney, subsequently developed an interest in filmmaking. In the meantime, Frank firmly believes that films have to root in a culture to flourish, and that is why he attends further education on graphic studies in Hong Kong. His works include《不同年的他》,《今天應該很高興》and Two Families : they record the local way of life and fraternity among people, and further analyze the diaspora of HongKonger from a refreshing perspective.

同場加映 Screening with

Magic Kingdom

21/1 (四Thur) 7:30pm

Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre

導演 Director
吳澤羲 Nelson Ng Chak-Hei
香港 Hong Kong | 2020| 15分鐘 min | 彩色 Colour
In Cantonese、Putonghua、English with Chinese and English subtitles


Magic Kingdom of the same screening brings us back to 1997, portraits a single-parent family travels to America in a similar worrying climate, and questions emigration critically -- where can we escape to? For the future of his son, Kit decided to leave him to his close friend in the U.S. The plan has to be abandoned due to a horrible accidence. Leaving is mostly an involuntary decision, but no one can take a peaceful life as granted.

導演介紹 Director Biography
吳澤羲 Nelson Ng Chak-Hei

在一個電影製作人的家庭出生,從13歲接觸電影場景開始,Nelson並不對電影感到陌生。在愛默生學院修讀電影,及在波士頓大學取得國際關係學位。回流香港後,共同創立了Stray Dogs,一間專注廣告的制作公司,同時亦在商業環境外探索著不同人物故事去發展。

Born into a family of filmmakers in Hong Kong, Nelson Ng Chak Hei is no stranger to film sets since the age of 13. He went on to study film at Emerson College and graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Relations. After returning to Hong Kong, he co-founded Stray Dogs, a production house specializing in advertising, while exploring personal stories to develop outside the commercial sphere.